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All our clothing is sized on this website in UK sizes. Don’t be alarmed if you receive your order and it shows a different size, because, depending on the manufacturer, it may be sized in European sizing.

As a general guide to sizing, please see the table below:

Clothing Size Guide


Different manufacturers do size their products differently so the above is just a general guide.

In our experience ANITA briefs tend to be a little on the small size and we would recommend that you go up a size if you are in any doubt.

Stage 1 – Wearing a good fitting bra, measure directly under your bust and around your back – this is your under-bust measurement

Stage 2 – Measure across the tip of your breast and around your back whilst still wearing your bra – this is your over-bust measurement

Stage 3 – Use the chart below to map both measurements. The meeting point of both measurements in the main body of the chart shows your approximate bra size

Eg – If your under-bust measurement is 32″ and your over-bust measurement is 37″ then your bra size is 36A


Bras Size Guide

REMEMBER The measuring guide above is only a guide.  The right bra for you may, in reality, be a slightly different size, as the key is in the fit.  We are trained bra fitters and pride ourselves on being able to help you find a perfect bra for you by measuring and fitting you in person.  If you are unable to come into the store, the then following tips are aimed at helping you to make your own judgements:

  1. The band of your bra should fit snugly around the narrowest part of your back and be the same height all the way round
  2. The bra should be close to the body at the front and sit evenly in the middle
  3. Your breasts should be enclosed in the cup with no wrinkling of the fabric
  4. Your breasts should not bulge over the top or side of the cup
  5. You should be able run two (but no more than two) fingers under the band
  6. Always start on the loosest hook. This way you can tighten it up as the bra stretches, giving you more wear
  7. If you wear a prosthesis check that it is in the right position and is completely covered by the cup.  It is important that the bra is supporting your natural breast. Do not gauge the fitting of a bra on how your prosthesis fits as this maybe different to you natural breast if you have lost or put on weight
  8. My bra is riding up at the back or moving around – Here your band size may be too big. Try lifting your arms up to see if the band is tight enough. If it is riding up try going down a band size e.g. 36 to a 34. To keep the cup size the same you must go up a cup size e.g. 36C = 34D


  1. The band is digging in around my body or the band is overstretched – Here the band appears to be too tight, so try a bigger band size e.g. 34 to a 36. To keep the cup size the same you must go down a cup size e.g. 34C = 36B
  2. The shoulder straps are digging in – You may need to loosen the straps. If this does not work it maybe that the underband is too big, thus giving you no support, and the weight of your bust is being borne by the straps. The underband acts as 80% of the bra’s support so try going down a band size e.g. 40 to a 38.
  3. The straps keep slipping off– Here you need to adjust the straps so they are a tighter fit. For more support you may need to try a bra with wider straps
  4. My breasts are bulging out of the top or sides of the cup – This is a really common problem – the reason is that the cup size is too small. Try a larger cup size e.g. B to a C cup
  5. The fabric is wrinkling on the cups– Here the cup is too big. Make sure you lift your bust into the bra. If the fabric still wrinkles try going down a cup size e.g. D to a C cup.  This can sometimes happen if your breasts are different in size.  Choosing a bra with a stretch lace cup can help, as the fabric will stretch to fit each breast individually.
  6. My prosthesis is moving to one side– This often happens when the band is too big. Try a smaller band size. If the problem persists it may be that the prosthesis is too light and you need to try a slightly heavier style.


All our lingerie is sized on this website in UK sizes.  Don’t be alarmed if you receive your order and it shows a different size, because, depending on the manufacturer, it may be sized in European sizing.

This is a tricky area, due to the fact that after breast surgery your breast is continuously changing and the healing process differs widely from woman to woman.

To find the right size for your breast form, you will first need your correct bra size. We recommend, where possible, that your bra size is measured BEFORE your surgery.

If your correct bra size has been measured in a fitting room then you can use the following size calculator as follows: 1. Find your bra size and trace down the chart 2. When you reach your cup size, the figure shown in the chart represents your breast form size 3. Thus – a 34D bra size needs a size 6 breast form size

Breast Form Size Guide

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